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Somewhere back in 2015, two daft shopkeepers decided to hold a Christmas event on the street where they both had shops. I had already done some Handmade and Fairtrade Markets as well as attended many events as a stall holder as part of my business. Evonne was a very talented crafter, writer and historian. We became friends when we both had units in the market hall. Both of us very keen musicians, hard workers and possessed daft senses of humour. Our persistant badgering paid off and the local council gave us permission to hold a Victorian style event. We based it around Evonnes favourite author, Charles Dickens. We had 12 weeks to pull it off and we did it! we expected maybe a few hundred people...an estimated 7000 turned up. our future events were even more popular. 

Sadly, Evonne passed away very suddenly in her shop in 2017 aged only 54 years old. It was a huge shock to the entire town and mostly to her family and friends. some of us had only been laughing with her less than an hour before. She is missed by all of us. 

Evonne was very excited by the prospect of the new town square and the events that could be held there, so earlier this year I decided to carry on and continue what we had started. I applied for the tenders being offered and much to my shock, I won them!

There will always be a little bit of my dearest, silliest friend in every event I organise.


Kate x

Event Values


New Freedom Events will always be free to enter and provide some free entertainment to ensure a good day out for all pockets


New Freedom Events are to be inclusive and suitable for all ages


New Freedom Events are designed to attract as much footfall as possible from as far and wide as possible to help traders in the area.


New Freedom Events will utilize as much local trade, services and talent as is possible.


New Freedom Events most of all wish to make good memories for people.




These values were decided and agreed upon by Kate and Evonne in January 2016 after our first Dickensian Night.

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Email: Kate@newfreedomltd.co.uk

Phone: 07432344372

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