History of the Dickensian Evening Market

Kates Dickensian Night Market


Back in 2015, Myself and best friend decided to bring Warner street in Accrington alive for a Dickensian evening. Scrooge was Evonnes favourite christmas film and we decided to go ahead and bring an old fashioned Christmas that focused more on family fun and values and less about commercialism to our beloved town of Accrington. We wanted to create memories for young and old alike. we set about, faced many obstacles and in our own true style...ploughed through them regardless. We were visibly shocked by the thousands who turned up on the night! shopkeepers couldn't close their shops due to the amount of people coming in to look around. The evening far exceeded anyones expectations. Evonne won the 'Enterprising Person' award the following year at the first Hyndburn Business awards, something that she was very proud of. We did it again in 2016 and the amount of visitors was an estimated 8000 people attending. Sadly in 2017 Evonne suddenly passed away in her shop on the street and left behind heartbroken family and friends. I felt unable to carry on with our wonderful events, not only because of my grief, but because of the workload involved. However, with the help of Hyndburn borough council and the location being changed to the new town centre square, I feel that 2018 is going to be the right time to honour my friend and continue with our vision to provide our town with another wonderful, magical, free family event and continue to 'make memories' for the town that she loved so much.

Please join me on the night (dress up if you want to!) to celebrate Christmas in Victorian Accrington!

Kate x

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